What to Eat in Australia

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Australia

As the better version of Marmite, there’s a big chance you’ll gag as this traditional Aussie spread hits your tongue (it’s fun to film). Apparently it’s banned in some countries because of the salt content, but pair it with loads of butter or some avo on toast and you’ll be right. Oh, and ask any Aussie to sing you the Vegemite song - you’re guaranteed they’ll know what you mean.
Us Aussies love a BBQ – lamb, steak, sausages and kangaroo (for a more sustainable option) are common items you’ll find sizzling away. For a truly local experience, get a snag from Bunnings on the weekend for a dollar or two where proceeds go to supporting community organisations. Don’t forget the tomato sauce!
Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls
Whether you’re on a road trip or feel like having an easy lunch, stop by a local bakery for a typical Aussie meat pie or sausage roll. Once again, pile on the tomato sauce and be sure to ask for a spoon. I have a fond memory of being in the middle of nowhere in a tiny bakery, in a tiny town on the West Coast where my German friend asked for a ‘vegetarian meat pie’. She didn’t get a response and I felt a pang of embarrassment (though vegetarian options can be found in bigger places!).
These days I think brunch as a favourite could be surpassing the BBQ. My personal favourite is the eggs benno, in particular one from a café called Rustica in Melbourne – the hollandaise is mixed with Tabasco. Yes, you should be salivating. Chia pudding is also a favourite and you can’t go past the classic smashed avo, which is apparently the real reason why young Aussies can’t afford houses.
Flat White
Originating in Australia, but spreading all over the world, find out what makes a flat white here -> https://www.peterjthomson.com/coffee/flat-white-vs-latte/.
Tim Tams
Arnott’s Tim Tams . Dip them in your milk. Dip them in your coffee. Even use one as a straw. Or you could just eat them like normal biscuits. But why would you want to do that?

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