What to Eat in Bulgaria

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Bulgaria

Banitsa / Баница
Banitsa is a traditional Bulgarian dish made from layers of filo pastry, eggs and cheese. It is served on special occasions and during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. It is a custom to add a small figure or a corn seed inside and nowadays people often add small sheets of paper with wishes.
Shkembet Chorba / Tripe soup / Шкембе Чорба
The Shkembet tripe soup is usually made from cow's tripe, this dish is very common among the restaurants in Bulgaria. Paprika, milk and oil are also part of the recipe. Many Bulgarians use the dish for hangover cure.
Tarator / таратор
Tarator soup is a very poppular summer refresher. It is made from chopped cucumbers, yoghurt, garlic dill and water. Not to be confused with the greeck Tzatziki, which is more for dipping.
Lozovi Sarmi / Stuffed grape leaves / Лозови Сарми
Stuffed grape leaves is a popular starter in Bulgarian cusine. Made from minced meat, grape leaves, rice and herbs, this meal serves as an apetite booster during dinners. It is very common in all countries around Bulgaria, for example Greece.
Guvech / Гювеч
Guvech or Gyuvech is a bulgarian dish always served in ceramic pots, this dish is made from meat, chopped tomatoes, cheese, paprika and cooked eggs on the top.
Moussaka / Мусака
Delicious Moussaka, having potatoes and minced meat, poured with yoghurt based sauce, then grilled, this dishes increases the chances a man to marry you if you know how to prepare it.
Kiselo Mlyako / Yogurt (Soured milk) / Кисело Мляко
The Kiselo Mlyako Yogurt (Soured milk) is thicker and more soured than the greek yoghurt, it is served alongside traditional dishes. The combination between Moussaka and Yougurt is amazing.
Tikvenik / Pumpkin pastry / Тиквеник
Tikvenik has the main idea of banitsa but filled with thin slices of pumpkin and walnuts. It is sprikled with powdered sugar.
Rakia / ракия
Rakia or Rakija is one is not a dish but a hightly alcoholic drink. It is made from all kinds of fruits. Usually, the alcoholic percentage is around 40 but when produced by our own, it often goes beyond that number.

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