What to Eat in Ecuador

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Ecuador

Yaguarlocro quiteño
Yaguarlocro quiteño is one of the best dishes to eat in the Carita de Dios, Quito. You can not leave without tasting this broth of blood and potatoes that recalls the Inca rituals.
Colada morada con guaguas de pan
On the day of the deceased (1st November), the tradition calls for the Colada morada (purple drink) with its touch of cinnamon and pineapple, accompanied by a figure decorated in the form of bread. Historically, families used to prepared this to eat it together with their deceased relatives, but keep calm, if you pass through Ambato you can try it without having to wait until November.
Ceviche de camarón / Shrimp Ceviche
El Ceviche is a typical dish of the Ecuadorian coast par excellence. There is no mystery here, just enjoy a plate on the beach. One of the advantages of this ceviche is that it uses shrimp that are already cooked - unlike fish ceviche where the fish is "cooked" with the acidity of the subtle lemon. The Ceviche is prepared with shrimps in lemon, orange sauce, onion, tomatoes, tomato sauce and cilantro.
Mote con chicharrón
It may seem a very simple dish, but do not be fooled as its flavor will captivate you from the first bite. The salty and greasy combination of chicharrón with the soft texture and the subtle flavor of the mote (boiled and fried corn) is almost a culinary perfection. The mote with chicharrón is served with toasted corn, seasoned and chili.
In Latacunga you can enjoy this dish that is like no other. Chugchucaras includes potatoes and pork roasted over a fire in a frying pan. The touch of chicharrón with mote complements this delicacy from the Ecuadorian Sierra.
Sancocho de pollo / Chicken Sancocho
A succulent broth prepared with chicken meat, vegetables and tubers where cassava stands out and its multiple condiments and herbs. If you are hangover or "chuchaqui", this is your dish of choice.
Maduro frito con queso
If we are proud of anything in Ecuador, it is our bananas and ripe plantains. The sweetest and simplest version of the Maduro frito is prepared in a grill and will awaken all your senses. And the best thing is that it is anywhere in Ecuador!
Tripa mishqui / Misqui tripe
Do not be shy and risk to experiment something new, yes, Tripas mishqui are beef tripe prepared on the grill chopped in a broth of potatoes and herbs, but do not leave Quito without having tasted this delicacy.
Bolón de verde con queso
If you pass by the Ecuadorian coast take the opportunity to taste a jumble of green banana whose interior hides cheese and a piece of spring onion. Better always accompanied by a good cup of black coffee in the morning to recharge the traveler batteries!
Fritada is a typical dish of the Ecuadorian Sierra consisting of beef and ribs prepared in a pan cooked over low heat. It always go very well accompanied by mote, fried plantains and yapingachos (potato pancakes with cheese).
The Encebollado is a typical soup of the coast of Ecuador. It consists of a fish stock containing white tuna, yucca, paiteña onion and cilantro. Do not forget to add the gum and a few drops of lemon! It is served with a good portion of onion and tomato tanning on top of the soup. Just delicious!
Guatita is a typical Ecuadorian dish prepared with mondongo, beef casings also known as "tripe" (basically it is a stew based on pieces of beef stomach, known locally as "guatitas") with a rich peanut sauce. The guatita is always accompanied by rice, a few slices of avocado and a small salad as garnish. Go for it! brave of the gastronomy!
Melcocha sweets
Melcochas is a special type of handmade sweets produced in many places throughout Ecuador. If you travel to Baños de Agua Santa (the epicenter of this delicacy), sweeten the walk with a melcocha. With a bit of luck you can be eyewitnesses to this candy preparation. Let yourself be "wrapped" by the preparation and take a bite without loosing your teeth.
The Morocho is a typical drink of the Ecuadorian Sierra prepared with milk, ground corn, panela and cinnamon. A "must" to try as it has been transmitted from generation to generation to this day. Of course, accompany it with an emapada with cheese or yucca bread. The morocho is bought in the street food stalls or in the markets
Jucho is a unique and sacred drink from the area of Chimborazo that pays tribute to Ecuadorian fruits, especially peach and capulí, contrasting acid and sweet flavors in equal parts. Grab a cup and sing to the "Pacha Mama" or Mother Earth as they still do some indigenous settlements (as part of the rituality of the Pawkar Raymi, festival of flowering that coincides with the western festival of Carnival)

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