What to Eat in Egypt

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Egypt

Koshari / Kushari
Koshari is the most famous and most authentic egyptian dish. Very heavy and delicious. It's made of layers on top of each other of pasta, rice, beans, dressing, toppings (like crusty onions) and salad.
Kabab wa Kofta
Kofta, also called Kefteh, kefta or Sikh kebab, is some kind of delicious meatballs made of beef or lamb. It's perfect to pack for picnics or to share with family and friends. If you are a meatlover I totally recommend you Kofta.
Koftet Batates
Mashed potatoes balls with the inside filled of minced beef and all of this dipped in egg and bread crumbs to be later fried in a pan.
Macaroni Bechamel
My personal favourite dish. My european friends call it pasta lasagna and it's a very similar dish to the greek Macarona Bechamel. It is a dish made with several layers. There are different variants, but typically the first layer is made of tubular pasta linked with cheese; the second layer is minced lamb or veal with tomato sauce and cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice; the third consists of a final layer of pasta with a b├ęchamel sauce. Truly delicious and fullfilling.
Wara2 3enab / Mahshi / Stuffed Grape Leaves
Wara2 3enab also has some greek or turkish origins. It's grape leaves stuffed of whatever you want to put inside. Thus, the main variations of this preparation are fillings, which can be distinguished into two categories, stuffed minced meat (hot served) or anything else (cold served).
Hibiscus Tea
It is said that this drink was consumed in ancient Egypt, being preferred by the pharaohs. It is traditional to toast at wedding celebrations with a glass of hibiscus tea. In a typical street of the center of Cairo many vendors and outdoor cafes can be found that sell the drink to both locals and tourists.
Chicken Pane
Chicken Pane or Chicken Fillet is a classic egyptian dish. The breaded chicken is so classic that McDonalds has its own Chicken Fillet hamburguer just for Egypt.
Boftek it's a variant of the chicken fillet but made of beef meat. It's very common to have it not only in a plate, but inside of a sandwich as well (street food to take away).

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