What to Eat in France

Best Top Foods You Must Try in France

Magret de Canard
Magret de Canard is a cooked breast from a fattened duck. The magret de canard is usually cut in slices and served with a bit a blood. The taste is closer to red meat than white meat. It is typical from the south west of France.
Côte de Bœuf
French version of the beef rib, it's served in any brasserie in France with fries, salad or veggies and a real sauce (pepper, roquefort, wine, or others). You can choose eat it rare, medium or well-done.
Bœuf bourguignon
Bœuf bourguignon is the french stew, it is cooked with the wine of Bourgogne, mushrooms and onions.
Steak tartare
Steak tartare is a raw beef meat made of chopped beef along with seasoning and served with an egg on top.
Paupiette de veau
Paupiette de veau is a delicious dish, it's made of a thin slice of veal with stuffing inside with meat and spices. It is usually served with veggies, pasta or rice.
Blanquette de veau
Blanquette de veau is a traiditonal dish made of boiled veal, carotts and butter sauce.
Foie gras
Foie gras is a famous preparation made from the liver of a fattned duck. It is usually eated for celebrations such as christmas or weddings. It can be eaten as a starter or an apetizer.
Raclette is a delicious dish from the mountains. It's basically potatoes, ham, pickles and melted cheese.
Fondue savoyarde
Fondue savoyarde is a cheese fondue from the region of Savoie. You basically dip your bread into the cheese and eat it.
Gratin dauphinois
Gratin dauphinois is a preparation with slices of potatoes with milk and cream (and sometime cheese) cooked in the oven. It is a bit crusty on the top and creamy inside. You can also have different type of gratin with other veggies instead of potatoes.
Hachis Parmentier
Hachis parmentier is a dish made of mashed potatoe, beef meat and sauce. Like the gratin it is cooked in the oven which makes the top crusty.
Huîtres are Oysters it is eaten raw, and without any seasoning or also cooked. You can find this in any big cities, but the best are in the coastal cities of course!
Ratatouille is a speciality of the south of France. It's a sort of stew of a lot of mediterannean veggies.
Galettes & Crêpes
Galettes is a salty crêpe, you usually chose the stuffing so you can have it with meat or vegetarian, I recommend to get it at least with mushrooms and cheese. There is also the sweet crepe that you can have as a dessert. Both are the specialities from Bretagne (French Britanny).
Patisseries & Bakeries
There are many patisseries and bakeries. You should at least try Creme brulée, Fondant au chocolat, Opéra cake, Mille feuille, Croissant and Baguette. A nice trick is to order a "café gourmand" in a restuarant which is a coffee coming with small portion of each dessert.
Wine & Champagne
Red, White, and Rosé Wines are drinks that you usually drink during your meal or with the appetizer. You also can get Champagne which is the French sparkling wine from the region of Champagne.
Cheese is usually served as the end of the meal just before the dessert or sometime after. There are plenty of cheese in France such as camembert, goat cheese, comté, cantal and roquefort (and a lot more)!

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