What to Eat in Greece

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Greece

Giouvarlakia / Γιουβαρλακια
Giouvralakia is a soup with vegetables and meat balls. Very tasty on a cold winter dinner. It is a staple dish in many celebrations when people know they’ll stay up until late (e.g Easter).
Gemista / γεμιστά
Gemista are stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice herbs and occasionally minced meat. It can also be made with Zucchinis. You can find it in most restaurants
Sarmadakia / Σαρμαδακια
Sarmadakia is a very traditional dish that passes on through generations. Grandmother’s recipe is always the best! Wine leaves staffed with rice, mint and occasionally minced meat
Gigantes Plaki / γίγαντες πλακί
Gigantes Plaki is a dish made of baked beans in red sauce
Mavromatika / Μαυροματικα
For the hot summer days there is nothing better than Mavromatika, a bean salad with onion, herbs and vinegar. Simple but never disappoints
Pastitsio / παστίτσιο
Pastitsio is one of the most known dishes and something every family cooks during weekends due to the time it takes to prepare it. It is made out of pasta, minced meat sauce and bechamelsaus, baked in the oven
Moussaka / μουσακάς
The famous Mousaka...Everyones first dish when they think about Greece although not one we Greeks eat often. It takes a bit too long to prepare. But when you find the time it is delicious. Aubergines, potatoes, minced meat sauce and bechamelsaus baked in the oven
Sardeles Padremenes
Sardeles padremenes are something everyone has to try especially in a typical Greek taverna or ouzeri. Sandines’ filet grilled with tomatoes and herbs
Xtapodi Ksydato / Χταποδι ξυδατο
Xtapodi Ksydato is the second must have dish when ordering fish in a taverna. Grilled octopus with vinegar. Very simple preparation but heavenly taste!
Souvlaki / σουβλάκι
Everyone knows souvlaki. It couldn’t be missing from this list. Pork or chicken meat pieces grilled in a stick

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