What to Eat in Morocco

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Morocco

Tajine / طجين
Tajine is cooked in a traditional Moroccan Tajine pot, this dish’s ingredients can have a lot of varieties with the main ingredients being fish, meat and chicken or a lot of vegetables.
Couscous / كسكس
Couscous (other names include Seksu or Kouskous) is mostly eaten on Fridays after the Friday sermon, is buttered and steamed.
Bastilla / بسطيلة
Bastilla is a chicken, meat or seafood pie made using light pastry shells, fried almonds, cinnamon and powdered sugar in the chicken variation.
Harira / حريرة
Harira (known as well as hareera or shorba) is a rich tomato soup with flower, lentils, chickpeas, beaten eggs and meat or chicken.
Bissara / بيصارة
Bissara is a rich hearty soup prepared from peas with olive oil and cumin. Eaten for breakfast, lunch and even for dinner with Moroccan bread.
Le’Des / Le3des / عدس
Le’Des (le3des / 3adass / ‘dess / 3dess) is a Moroccan lentil soup with carrots and potatoes and additionally meat.
Shua / Mechoui / مشوي‎
Shua (also known as Mechoui) is mostly eaten after Eidh al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice), this is spiced, and seasoned lamb meat slow roasted. Great with mint tea.
Charmilla is a tomato and egg sauce eaten with bread. Easy to make and great as a breakfast.
Chebbekkia / Chebakia / شباكية
Chebbekkia (Chebakia or Mkharka) is a honeyed sweet cookie with sesame seeds eaten to break the fast in Ramadan.
Kebda / كبدة
Kebda (also known as Kabda, or Kubdah) a dish made from liver. Strong taste and needs to learn to be eaten but if seasoned correctly very good.
Kersha / Lamb Tripe
Kersha is lamb stomach cut into pieces. Served with chickpeas and eaten with bread.
Lham Mbagger
Lham Mbagger is a typical Moroccan dish made of simmered cow meat or lamb meat that has been marinated and served with olives, prunes and almonds.
Djaz Mhammer / Djaj Mhamer/ M'qualli
Djaz Mhammer is a typical Moroccan dish made of grilled chicken served with olives, vegetables and fries.
Msemmen / ملوي
Msemmen (Msemen, Mlawi, Melwi, or Rghayef) is a pancake eaten as breakfast or lunch which also has filled variants with chicken or cheese. Great with mint tea.
Amlou / أملو‎
Amlou is a dip mixture of argan oil, grounded almonds and honey served with afternoon mint tea and bread.
Moroccan Whiskey / Mint Tea / شاي بالنعناع
Moroccan Whiskey is made with Chinese tea, mint leaves and sugar to create the best whiskey ever. The first glass is as gentle as life, the second is as strong as love, the third is as bitter as death

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