What to Eat in Netherlands

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Netherlands

Boerenkool / Kale
Kale, like this, in general. We use kale as a compliment to every dinner or hot meal. The health benefits of kale are among the highest of any food around, so we don't hesitate in adding it whenever we can :D
This is our most famous winter national dish. Of course, it is made of Boerenkool (kale), together with potatoes served with a sausage called smoked Gelderse rookworst.
Sauerkraut (in Dutch, Zuurkool) is most often served in a casserole, and that's when the zuurkool becomes zuurkoolschotel. Every family has his own recipe and style, and even some people like to add fruits to the mix, but the 3 main ingredients everyone agrees on are, beef, mashed potatoes and of course, zuurkool.
Erwtensoep is also called snert and it is a soup so popular in this country that it reaches the category of national dish. Let's say it is an emblematic dish of Dutch cuisine. It is served traditionally in winter has a strong consistency, and often includes minced meat and sausages, becoming more of a stew than a soup.
Haring / Raw Herring
Raw herring (in Dutch called 'haring') is sold in fish street kiosks. The Haring is a raw fish with a strong and deep flavor. It is very popular in Amsterdam and in the coastal villages in the Netherlands.
Bitterballen is a kind of traditional snack of the Dutch cuisine made from minced beef, broth of meat, flour and butter, all seasoned with parsley, salt and ground pepper. It is perfect to eat together with beer or as a night snack to eat after party.
This is another delicious deep fried dutch snack. You can always find a 24hour Febbo (hot food street vending machine company) to buy a Kroket at any time you need.
The Frikandel is a sort of minced-meat hot dog. Another typical dutch snack (some people might argue that it is actually from belgium).
Poffertjes are a pastry specialty that resembles little pancakes. They are thick, served with small pieces of butter and sprinkled with a lot of powdered sugar, which makes them taste much sweeter than regular pancakes. Very good to it in Christmast.
Pepernoten / Kruidnoten
Small cripsy kind of cookies that is offered in every occassion and every place during December Sinterklaas festivities
Stroopwafels are sort of cookies, made with two round waffles that have a caramel filling between them. Similar to a sandwich in which the filling acts as the glue between both covers. The Stroopwafels were invented in the city of Gouda when, according to legend, a baker made a cookie with all the leftovers from the crumbs and spices and then stuffed it with caramel syrup. It started as a sweet of the poor and, finally, became the most popular accompaniment to tea or coffee in the Netherlands.
Zoute Drop
Salty liquorice. You will either hate it or love it.
Tompouce is a rectangular dessert, with two layers of hard pastry and a smooth filling. During on Koningsdag (King's Day) is typical to have the top layer orange. There is not dignified way to eat a tampouce, the hard biscuit-like layers will squash the pastry cream when trying to cut a piece off, and it will makes the whole experience difficult, messy and fun!
Fried Cod Cheeks, very typical from coastal cities or villages, like Volendam, to buy in street fish kiosks.
Dense, delicious, alcoholic liquor, prepared with egg, brandy or gin, flavored with vanilla, coffee or chocolate. Perfect during Christmast.
Delicious chocolate drink, which is the favourite dessert for children and adults alike. Have it warm for winter, have it cold for summer, perfect during all the year.
Oliebollen are usually served traditionally in the new year and in the celebrations of funfairs. These fried buns are served in oil and can protect you from the cold winter
Cheese comes in all shapes and forms in the Netherlands. In every city or village you will find a cheese shop where you can enter, taste as much as you like, and buy the perfect cheese that fits you. The perfect lunch or snack for us consists of cheese with bread and a glass of milk.

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