What to Eat in Norway

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Norway

Sheep and cabbage / Fårikål
We usually eat Fårikål, made of lamb and cabbage, during autumm together with boiled potatoes. Fårikål has been voted Norway's national dish several times, but is not necessarily really Norwegian and could be actually from Denmark (it is not proven though). The Danes used duck or goose, but there was little duck in Norway, and therefore modified the dish to use lamb instead.
Mackerel in tomatoe sauce / Makrell i tomat
Basically is mackerel in tomatoe sauce which come in an iconic yellow tin container and we use this as a spread on bread (on Ryvita rye crackers for example :D). This canned food brand is Stabburet Mackerel and has been producing Mackerel since 1958.
Brown cheese / Brunost
Brunost is a bit sweet and used as a spread on bread. You can either love it ot hate it because it has an intense sweet (like caramel) and bitter (due to the milk of the goat) flavor. The taste of this cheese is better when it looks fresh and especially when it is finely chopped.
Salmon, of course :) Norwegian salmon is so delicious and tasty. It is fished or farmed in the atlantic waters. The wild Norwegian salmon at the beginning of its life leaves the rivers and swims through Norway's famous fjords to arrive to the salt waters of the ocean.
Lefser / Tynnlefse / Tykklefse / Potetlefse
Lefse is a typical traditional thin rolled dough. There is a variant called tynnlefse (lefse fina), with butter, sugar and cinnamon inside, which is rolled and eaten as a cake. Tjukklefse or tykklefse (thick lefse) is the thickest version of the lefser, and served with coffee. Potetlefse or pølse med lompe (potato lefse) is often used in place of a hot-dog bread.
Kaviar / Caviar in a tube
Tubed Kaviar is used as a spread on bread, normally with a slice of cheese on top or a boiled egg
Pinnekjøtt is salted cured smoked lamb ribs, and sometimes dried, which are steamed, usually on birch branches, and served with potatoes and swede puree. The drinks that traditionally accompany pinnekjøtt are beer and akvavit. It’s eaten at Christmas eve. Really delicious
Grandiosa Frozen Pizza
Grandiosa Frozen Pizza, the unofficial national dish of Norway. Some Grandiosa fans even add the pizza into their Christmas Eve dinner. This is how much Norwegians love this pizza brand!

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