What to Eat in Philippines

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Philippines

It is said to be the national dish of the Philippines. Its origins come from the Spanish colonizers using the ingredients that were in the Philippines. Basically any type of protein can be used, beef, chicken, pork... and it's later marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and vinagear with onion and garlic.
This is my favourite dish. It can be done with any kind of meat, but usually is with pork, or beef or fish. It's tamarin broth stew combined with different vegetables (such as tomatoes, onions, taro, long green beans, daikon, okra and even spinach)
Filipino spring rolls that are cooked with are cooked with some ground meet and can be mixed with vegetables, normally carrots and onions. You can deep it with sweet and soer sauce
Lechon Kawali
One of the best dishes from the Philippines. It's the Philippines version of the suckling pig. It's marinated with different spiced, and cooked over a fire for many hours, until the skin is very crispy and delicious. We usually eat it with a sause called mangtomas. Very good for celebrations.
Arroz Caldo
It is basically the best dish that mothers serve when you are sick. It is warm and very homy dish. Made of chicken, ginger, onions, garlic, fish sause and saffron.
Kare Kare
It's a savoury dish, made with different vegetables from the Filipino country side and oxtale and tripe. The special part is that it's a peanut butter sauce, normally served on the side with bagoong (fish paste).
Halo Halo
Colorful Filipino dessert. It's made with sweet taro ice cream, coconut, different type of alubias (beans), tapioca, rice crispies, condensed milk and shaved ice.
Rice pastry that normally is made with coconut and sometimes is topped with cheese. Very good to snack during parties.

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