What to Eat in Slovakia

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Slovakia

Bryndzové halušky
Bryndzové halušky, Slovak national meal, is a must when visiting Slovakia. These are potato dumplings with special sheep’s milk cheese and fried bacon and you can find it in many restaurants across the country.
Šúľance s Makom
Šúľance s Makom , just like halušky, are made from potato dough. They are served with melted butter, powdered sugar and poppy seeds. Can be find in many places, but the best ones are homemade.
Šošovicový prívarok
Soups are an important part of lunches in Slovak households. Prívarok means the soup is thicker than usual and this one is made from lentils. Even better when served with fried egg and fried sausage on top.
Pribináčik (Yogurt)
Pribináčik is actually originally from Czech Republic, but I think that no one should miss an opportunity of having this when in Slovakia. Comes in different flavors and all of them are good, but my favorite one by far is a mix of kakao-vanilka (cocoa – vanilla).
Treska s Rožkom
Such a student meal! Quick, cheap and tasty. You cannot miss this experience of trying typical Slovak bread roll, that we call rožok (or rohlík to be more precise) and cod in mayonnaise which can be found in almost every store.
Lokše, also called Slovak potato flatbread are kind of a pancake but made from potatoes. Usually served on various occasions on street markets. My favorite one is definitely with stewed cabbage and powdered sugar, but usually there are a lot of possible combinations on offer.
Vlašský Salát / Olivier Salad
Vlašský Salát, a salad consisting of potatos, salami, canned peas, canned carrots, sour cucumbers, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Each family gives its own touch and it's really delicious and refreshing for summer.
Spišské párky
Another great student meal. A particular type of sausage best served with a piece of bread and mustard or ketchup.
This soft drink actually comes from Czech Republic as well but would be a pity to miss it when visiting Slovakia. Kofola is served in most pubs and can also be bought in the grocery stores. There are a lot of wannabe-kofola drinks, so be careful and buy only original one!
The delicious perkelt is a meat stew that has its origins in Hungary (Pörkölt) but has become a very important dish in the Slovakian cuisine. This meal is similar to goulash but contains less water and is usually served with apple (eg tarhana, gnocchi, rice). It can be prepared from beef or pork meat, from chicken or fish, or from their mixture. We served it with Halušky dumplings
This is a typical Slovak plum liquor.

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