What to Eat in Spain

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Spain

Paella Valenciana
The paella is probably the most popular and famous dish in Spain. The paella valencia is from the region of Valencia and is regarded as the best paella, made with saffron and green beans.
Spanish omelette / Tortilla de Patata
The Tortilla de Patata is just simple but so delicious dish. Although there are so many arguments about which is the best one (with onion or without onion, full cooked or a bit uncooked egg...) you can be sure that you'll love this one.
Spanish ham / Jamón Ibérico
The Spanish ham is very good and everywhere in the spanish culture. Eat it in tapas or just alone. The jamón quality is measure in 'J' the same way you would rate a hotel with stars. Best Hams are 5J. The ham the spaniards are most proud of is the black leg 5J, which comes from Spanish pigs who have been feed only with acorns which makes them legs black.
The Sangria is the most famous alcoholic drink in Spain. Although is made of wine it feels light and fresh because of the fruits, sugar and lemon juice. Be careful though, you might end up a bit drunk without noticing it.
The Gazpacho is a typical dish of summer. It's a delicious cool tomato soup which you can start your meals with as apetizer. The subtle tones of garlic and olive oil together with the tomato makes for a fulfilling and refreshing drink.
Cocido Madrileño
The most famous cocido of spain comes from Madrid, its capital. It's a strong meal, eating mostly during winter, with lot of pig meat, potato and legumes, mixed with a soup. You may get the full dish together or the ingredients separetly at the center of the table, in which case you should take them yourself into your pesonal soup.
Octopus / Pulpo a la gallega
The octopus is dish typical from the north west region of Spain. The octopus are caugth in the cold atlantic ocean waters and then served with potatos, cayenne peppers and olive oil to make for a warm and blunt meal.
The Croquetas are tiny balls of bechamel cover with fried bread crumbs. The bechamel can be mixed with almost anything you could image, but the most famous and typical ones are made of Spanish Ham (easy guess, everything is about the ham here :D).
The Bravas are amazing little fried potatos topped with a tiny bit spicy brava souce. You can find them in lot of forms and sizes but you'll always recognize and remember this amazing dish.

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