What to Eat in Turkey

Best Top Foods You Must Try in Turkey

Turkish breakfast
It consists of cheese (beyaz peynir, kaşar etc.), butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, and kaymak, sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage), pastırma, börek, simit, poğaça and soups are eaten as a morning meal in Turkey. Imagine sunday morning/afternoons :)
Ocakbasi kebab
Ocakbasi here means ‘in front of the fireplace’ it is rather an experience that all meat is prepared in front of you. Can be all kinds kebab together with Raki or in lesser extend red wine
Iskender Kebab
The dish consists of döner kebab prepared from thinly cut grilled lamb topped with hot tomato sauce over pieces of pita bread and generously slathered with melted sheep butter and yogurt. Tomato sauce and melted butter are generally poured over the dish, at the table.
Beyti Kebab
Beyti is a Turkish dish consisting of ground beef or lamb, grilled on a skewer and served wrapped in lavash and topped with tomato sauce and yogurt. The dish is named after Beyti Güler, the owner of the popular restaurant Beyti in Istanbul.
Mezze, Fish & Raki
Basically all kinds of fish with warm and cold mezze and raki, finish off with helva dessert
Turkish mantı is stuffed pasta with meat, with melted butter, garlic-yogurt sauce and Aleppo pepper. There is also a fried version!
Imam Bayildi
Imam Bayildi is a dish in Ottoman cuisine consisting of whole eggplant stuffed with onion, garlic and tomatoes, and simmered in olive oil. It is one of the most notable zeytinyağlı (olive oil-based) dishes and is found in most of the formerly Ottoman regions. The dish is served at room temperature or warm.
Bread and Pastries
Delicious bread and pastries in all shapes and forms. The most famous one probably being the baklava (pistachios) or the borek (cheese).
Kunefe is a typical turkish dessert that needs a separate shout out! It is a sweet and syrupy dessert like baklava but made with a traditional shredded wheat called kadayıf. Kunefe is baked over the stove until the cheese is nice and melted, served hot and topped with cream and pistachios if desired. Delicious.
Dough with melted cheese and a variety of toppings; meat, spinach eggs..
Lahmacun is a kind of stone baked Turkish Pizza with a very thin base of bread and minced meat with a tomato sauce and spices on top.

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