What to Eat in UK

Best Top Foods You Must Try in UK

Full English
You will have no trouble finding a full English in almost any British pub or cafe before midday, plenty of places do all day breakfasts too. Try to get one with black pudding in it which is a British blood sausage made with oatmeal.
Fish & Chips (with mushy peas)
I guess we can’t avoid Fish and chips so if you’re going to do it, do it right. Avoid pub food or splashing our for a fancy restaurant and go to a chippy where it will be made fresh and you can get some mushy peas, gravy and plenty of salt and vinegar. Good fish & chips is all about the condiments.
Jam Roll Poly
This is my favourite British desert. Think of this as a British Swiss roll. It tastes much better as we add suet to the roll and serve with custard for a richer albeit less healthy desert.
Toad in the Hole
British bangers (sausages) baked in to a Yorkshire pudding served with gravy.
Mince pies
Bit of a misleading name this one. There’s no meat in this small pie but a spiced fruit mix and often brandy in the higher quality ones. This is a Christmas treat you’ll be hard pressed to find outside of December. Serve with cream.
Steak and Kidney pie
We like meat pies in Blightly. To the yanks out there who cringe at the thought give it a try. Savoury short crust pastry really does taste good when soaked in gravy and the kidneys give it a stronger taste than your average meat pie. Steak and Ale is another good variation on this classic.
Sausage Roll
Go to Gregs or better yet Sayers if you're up north to try one of these for £1. Don’t expect there to be much pork inside these but they do taste nice, try not to think about what they’re made out of :D
Cherry Bakewell
An almond filled tart topped with jam, almond fondant and a cherry. There’s also fresh version without the almond fondant which are a bit harder to find.
Eccles Cake
Flakey pastry dusted in sugar and filled with currants.
Scones (with clotted cream and strawberries)
Bakeries and cafes will have this although to get clotted cream you might be best nipping to your local supermarket.
Scotch eggs
A boiled egg surrounded with sausage meat and breadcrumbs, you can easily find these in any supermarket but for the best experience try to get a fresh one at a street market or a gastro pub.
Sticky Toffee Pudding
A very rich moist sponge cake made from dates, smothered in toffee sauce.

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